About us

MCM Consulting - A reliable partner for all the steps of plant life

Day by day, we are reminded of the things that facilitate our life and make it a better one, more pleasurable and comfortable...

...we think of great humankind achievements such as galleries, bridges and roads, channels, realizations that connect easily different places, make people closer and facilitate economical and cultural exchanges...

 ... we also think of houses where our families live, where we grow up our children, or offices, where we run our daily businesses

All of this is connected with a common factor, Technology and Engineering: the art that governs production processes and transforms minerals into construction materials.

We at MCM Consulting do this with passion, competence and an innovative twist

Our job is selecting and designing the most appropriate technology for any specific requirements and deal with the supply of selected reliable machinery , by respecting the environment safety requirements, as well as timing and cost

MCM, with a network of competent partners has built the capabilities to deliver turn-key projects: from design to delivery, and commissioning

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